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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Great Local Food Tour: Thornbury Farm

After our stop at Shoomama's Farm Fresh Cafe, we moved on to Thornbury Farm. Lynn at Shoomama's told us he sourced a lot of his produce from Thornbury, so I figured it would be a good stop.

Thornbury Farm is over 300 years old, and for the last 72 years it has been in the same family. They use organic methods for the produce they grow themselves, but they are not certified organic. They also obtain produce they do not grow from other farms, including from Lancaster. Interesting fact: the main house (not pictured) on the farm is the first quarried house in Pennsylvania and was built using the property's own quarry.

The farm stand/market is a small single room, and it is stocked with various vegetables and fruit mostly grown right there, as well as eggs, dairy, honey, jarred and preserved foods, decorations, and soap- all local.

The back door was open when we were there, and if I were to take a few steps out I would have been standing in the very fields growing the vegetables they sell. For some reason that really struck me, I guess because it seemed so open and honest. Across the street from the stand were a donkey (a female named Daisy), chickens, a rooster, and a white peacock.

We chatted for a few minutes with the man running the store (I forgot to get his name) and then paid for our goods. We bought kale, french breakfast radishes, broccoli and a bag of dried mixed fruit (that last one was Aurelia's request, and for some reason it didn't make it into the picture :).

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