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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Great Local Food Tour: Farmer's Daughter

Day 2 of The Great Local Food Tour began with a stop at Farmer's Daughter Farm Market. I thought this sign was great- how could you miss it?

This market has been family owned for 15 years. They are not organic, but they try to keep the use of chemicals to a minimum. 

Farmer's Daughter seemed like the kind of place where you could get all your grocery shopping done. They sell fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy, local baked goods, arts and crafts. Really, they have a little bit of everything, including Amish products. And they have a (free) frequent shoppers club, which I signed up for. 

While they do grow their own produce, some of it comes from produce auctions, other local farms, and Weaver's Orchard on Route 10. The dairy comes from Clover Farms in Pottsville and the ice cream comes from Nelson's in Royersford.

The items they sell are all labeled well- "local," "organic," "our own homegrown," or they otherwise have stickers with countries of origin. 

This last table was my little slice of heaven. We bought green plums, blueberries, and Ranier cherries. We also bought some Amish pear butter and pumpkin butter. 

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