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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Great Local Food Tour: Shoomama's Farm Fresh Cafe

After Pete's Produce Farm, we felt we needed a break. The kids needed to be changed and were both hungry. Chris and I were not particularly hungry as we had been eating on the road all along, but he felt he needed some coffee so we stopped at the first cafe we came across.

As luck would have it, the place was called Shoomama's Farm Fresh Cafe, and it fit right into our theme! I spoke to the owner/manager Lynn Powers, who has his MBA in Environmental Sciences- he was happy to answer my questions.

Shoomama's strives to offer food that is local, farm fresh and organic (where possible.) As Lynn put it, his restaurant is not a health food store- they do have some fried options on the menu, for example. But he does know where the food comes from, and that is something he feels good about. 

The cheese, meat, yogurt, cream cheese is sourced from the Martins family in Lancaster. He gets most of the veggies, lettuce, tomatoes, watermelon (when in season) from Thornbury Farm and Stratton's Wynorr Farm (both farms were stops on our route.) Mushrooms come from Kennett Square. Eggs come from more of the Martins family, in New Holland and Stevens, PA. (I learned the Martins are a HUGE family, and do a great deal of farming, working together.)

Chris asked whether there is any bison on the menu, which there isn't, and he immediately recommended a local bison farmer. (Of course.)

Shoomama's Farm Fresh Cafe is a BYOB. They have free wifi and a very nice staff. The atmosphere is open, airy, relaxing and comfortable inside. They also have outdoor seating. You can find them on Facebook, too. 

After finding this little gem I wished we hadn't filled up on all our own food along the way. Chris liked his coffee, and we already have plans to go back and try out more menu options! 

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