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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Great Local Food Tour: Pete's Produce Farm

After stopping at Stratton's Wynorr Farm, we went on to Pete's Produce. We loved this stop- if it is close to you, it would be a great place to get all your grocery shopping done in one place. In addition to fruits, vegetables, and herbs, there are also potted plants and flowers, canned and jarred goods, bread and other baked goods, eggs, candy and dried fruits, and you can get a smoothie to slurp while you shop.

I spoke to Chris and Jed- they were happy to answer my questions. I learned the farm and stand are family owned and operated, but they also hire workers outside the family. They are not certified organic, but they use some organic methods for the things they grow themselves, and are "low spray" when it is necessary. Not everything is local- for example, they were selling avocados and bananas, which obviously can't be local. But everything was clearly labeled "local," "grown here," "NJ blueberries" or otherwise had stickers with the country or state of origin. The breads and baked goods were from a small bakery nearby. In short, where possible they sourced what was seasonal and local. I think their approach was good because they were a small business and supported other small businesses and farms, but to attract the most customers they also offered a wide selection of products.

They had a few tables dedicated to berries and stone fruit. Since some of the fruits are only in season for a short while around here, I loaded up!

Specifically, we bought peaches, sugarplums, red cherries, Ranier cherries, apricots, all of which were grown in PA. We also bought two pints of some of the best blueberries I have ever had, grown in NJ. 

We have been devouring it all since, and finished them off on a long ride to NY for our friends' wedding. Yum! 

By the way, here are those wonderful friends, and here we are getting ready to go see them get hitched :).

What fruits are your favorites? Do you avoid certain foods because there is no way to source them locally, like bananas or avocados? What do you eat on road trips? Are you seeing any friends get married this summer? This was our third wedding this year alone, and we have at least one more! 


  1. Looks like heaven to me! One of my favorite parts of summer is the produce - especially the peaches! :)

  2. Ah weddings are fun, but not going to any this summer. Mangos are my favorite fruit. Great post :) xx

  3. Thanks for reading- and yes mangoes and peaches, mmm!

  4. I can eat 4 mangoes a day. easily. Especially the Ataulfo variety! 6 if I have to share with my daughter ;)

  5. Haha, Aurelia is such a fruit bat.