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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Great Local Food Tour: Bailey's Dairy of Pocopson Meadow Farm

After Thornbury Farm, we drove on for a bit until we got to Baily's Dairy of Pocopson Meadow Farm. It was idyllic, really. Lots of greenery for the cows to graze, and we could see them grazing when we arrived. (I should have gotten a picture of them then, when we left they had gone into the barn to be milked.) The buildings look old, but there was no one available for questions, so I can't be sure how old the farm is. The website only says it is "historic."

There wasn't even someone manning the register, only a money box and a note about the honor system with a list of prices. The trust they have that no one would cheat them added to the farm's charm.

Aside from the cows grazing there were also chickens (they sell eggs) and one was loose! It was a tiny little thing and came right to the car, but she was a bit skittish so I didn't take a picture. There was also a momma cat and two kittens. I couldn't get a picture of the kittens- that momma was fierce. She didn't look like the type to mess around.

And there was a very friendly dog, also on the loose. I worried out loud that it might get hit by a customer's car (the farm has a long driveway and it winds around the buildings a bit.) Chris reassured me that "farm dogs are smarter." Ha!

The small store is a single room, and they had a few refrigerators filled with milk, cream, butter, ice cream, and eggs, and there was also some seasonal produce in baskets. We chose a container of cinnamon butter ($4). It seemed a bit more expensive than what you might get at the grocery store, but I think the quality is much better. According to the website, the cows are never given hormones or antibiotics, and the milk never leaves that location (every part of the process is done there.) The cinnamon butter is AMAZING- I don't eat bread much anymore, but I have definitely had a few slices of toast here and there JUST for this butter.

Have you ever had dairy from a local farm? Did it taste any different from what you would buy normally?
Here is Bailey's Dairy's website, and their facebook

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