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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Save time and money and have supplies delivered!

Grocery shopping is getting more and more expensive for us. Food prices just go up and up. As our kids grow their appetites grow, too. And then there is the process of getting it all from the store to the house and onto our shelves and into our refrigerator. With two kids in tow, one who cannot walk yet, it almost becomes an all day event, depending on how many grocery stores I need to go to in order to get everything we use.

So in order to save time, money, and effort I am now buying some things online. Most of our grocery bill is fresh produce, so I like to see it for myself and choose the best quality. But things that are non-perishable or that are at least shelf stable, I do not need to inspect so closely. Plus, Amazon has a subscribe-and-save option on some of their offerings, so you can have some of your supplies delivered automatically on a regular basis. For example, I do a lot of baking, and go through A LOT of bread and pastry flour. Not having to lug it home on top of everything else helps.

Also, a few things my husband pointed out:
1. The less we go into the grocery store for these things, the less we are tempted to buy stuff not on the list.
2. This is mostly stuff not grown locally, so we are cutting out the middle man and some of the transport involved. We are also saving money we can put towards food that IS grown locally.

I thought if I am going to save so much time, money, and effort, maybe others would want to as well. So here are links to the items I am going to start ordering online. Some are subscribe-and-save items, some are not.

Dog food