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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Great Local Food Tour: Milky Way Farms

Our last stop of day 1 of The Great Local Food Tour was Milky Way Farms. We had heard great things about the ice cream, but as we had already had some that day, we decided to try it another time.

Milky Way Farms has been in the same family (the Matthews) for four generations. The farm is not certified organic but their animals are pastured and antibiotic-free. They sell various dairy products as well as eggs, all out of a small refrigerated shed and on an honor system.

We checked out the ice cream shop which was PACKED with kids and then went to check out the many animals they have- cows and calves, pigs, chickens, ducks, and sheep. (There may be other animals but that's what I saw.) As worn out as Aurelia was by this point in the day, she is always excited to see animals.

It did make me sad to see the pigs penned in such close quarters. Pigs may seem lazy, but being penned like that can make them go stir crazy, I think. Chris said they have to use wood planks on the bottom of the pen because the pig will dig and root its way out. He and I discussed pigs with another couple- that pigs have the brainpower equal to that of a 3 year old, that they are incredibly smart, that they can be trained better than dogs even. They are often used to find truffles and other wild mushrooms because of their instinct for rooting and their sense of smell.

From this farm we bought eggs and yogurt. Aurelia and Chris have been enjoying a lot of eggs and toast and greek-style yogurt with raw honey.

How do you feel about farm and petting zoo animals? Does it ever make you sad to see them on display solely for our benefit? And how do you eat your eggs? Ours is an over-easy-with-runny-yolks household. Toast is a must.

For the rest of The Great Local Farm Tour so far, click here. And of course, there is plenty more to come. Also, I am on Twitter and Facebook, if you would like to follow along in real time. :)

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