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Monday, August 6, 2012

What do you really need to start on the raw vegan lifestyle?

So if you read health and nutrition blogs as much as I do- especially those focusing on the raw vegan lifestyle- you might feel overwhelmed. I know I did for a while. It seemed as though I was going to get nowhere unless I had a really pricey Excalibur Dehydrator, a high speed blender such as the Vitamix, an upscale juicer, etc. While I have (among many kitchen appliances) a dehydrator, a blender, and a juicer, I did not buy any of them. They were all gifts to me. Eventually, when I have done all I can with these appliances, I would like to upgrade, but for now they will do.

The one appliance out of all of them that I would not survive without is the blender. I have at least one smoothie or juice a day, usually several. It has a hard time with some fruit, especially frozen fruit, and I have to use sufficient liquid to mix and incorporate everything well, but it provides me with quick and nutritious meals that I can drink quickly and on the go if need be. And the price can't be beat. The model I have has one motor for both a blender and a food processor. This thing is worth every penny in my opinion. I haven't seen it priced over $150!

Of course, I still plan on getting a Vitamix eventually. But my Cuisinart is holding out very well until then.

Are you in the market for a blender? Don't want to spend a fortune? Try this machine on for size!  

And if you would rather buy the upscale option upfront, I doubt you would be disappointed.

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