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Friday, June 8, 2012

Veganaise and the June Salad a Day Challenge

I never liked mayo, except in egg and chicken salad back when I ate those foods, and even then it had to be minimal. So I have never wanted to try Vegenaise. But then I saw this recipe, and I figured I should give it a go. I think I will be tweaking it a bit, it was kind of thick for dressing, and a little too sweet. Next time I am going to leave out the honey and add a bit of water or maybe more lemon juice. If you like mayo as a spread on sandwiches though, I have to say Vegenaise is pretty spot-on. ('Course, now I have a whole jar to figure out how to use...)

I used the dressing on this salad. The salad itself was delicious, a perfect mix of crunchy (the cucumber, mung bean sprouts, and sugar snap peas) and chewy (wild rice) and sightly sweet. I think I liked it better without the dressing, but it would lend moisture if you prefer that. Or you could try this other dressing (which I use anytime I am craving Asian flavors) from Averie Cooks. It would be a great addition to a salad that already has Asian inspired flavors.

1/2-1 cup wild rice, cooked and drained
handful or two sugar snap peas
1 English cucumber, sliced
mung bean sprouts
alfalfa sprouts
avocado, sliced
this dressing or this dressing (optional)


  1. This salad looks lovely! I've always liked Vegenaise - it's so delicious!

  2. Thanks for commenting! I tried the vegenaise sauce on some zucchini noodles- tasty!