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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Raw Vegan Food Makeover Challenge

Since I have gone almost all vegan/raw and since starting this business, I have asked the worlds of Twitter and Facebook to challenge me to makeover a food to be raw and vegan, but still delicious. So far, I have received two challenges. One was on twitter, and the challenger wanted me to make a dessert with watercress. I accepted that challenge, and I would say the outcome was successful- I made a mango watercress sorbet with a coconut butter drizzle, garnished with coconut flakes. It was all raw and vegan, and no processed ingredients were used, not even sweetener. I had Chris sample some and it passed his approval.

The second challenge was from a friend on Facebook, Jessica- to makeover a Mexican dish. This time around I went with tacos, but so many other ideas have popped into my head since then! I might never need regular Mexican food again, it was that good.

These raw vegan tacos are complete (in my book anyway) with homemade sweet-n-spicy salsa, corn, avocado, cheezy nacho sauce, taco "meat," and sour "cream." No tofu was used, only a bit of miso and tamari were used for flavoring, but each component could easily be made soy free. I had Chris try these, not expecting too much approval from him (he does love soft tacos...) and he even had seconds! I made more "meat" to have on hand for future meals- they really hit the spot.

As I receive and complete challenges I will be putting the recipes into an ebook- be on the lookout for that!

 Are there any favored dishes or foods you would like to see made over?

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