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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tropical Smoothie

I have been trying harder than usual to eat a greater variety of greens lately. I already eat a lot of vegetables, but truth is, when it comes to the greens in my smoothies, I stick to spinach a lot. Spinach is great, but I might be missing out on nutrients found in other greens. So I have also been buying dandelion, collard, swiss chard,  and mustard greens. Basically whatever looks lush and green and is (ideally) in season. In this smoothie, I used dandelions. I ought to warn you though, they are on the bitter end of the spectrum, so more fruit is needed to balance them out.

Tropical Smoothie
1 cup packed dandelion greens
1 banana (fresh or frozen)
1-2 cups chopped mango (I use the frozen mango from Trader Joe's)
3 tablespoons hemp hearts/seeds (I buy the giant tub of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts and it lasts FOREVER)
3 ice cubes (if using fresh/unfrozen fruit)
2 cups coconut water or filtered water (or more to thin)

Blend everything together on high.

The hemp is a good source of protein, among many other nutrients. This smoothie will keep you full straight through your morning!

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