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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Out with the Old and In with the New...

We are now more than a week into 2013, and to me it doesn't feel any different than 2012. 2012 was great, so that is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does make it a bit challenging to get gung-ho about changes. Which is the point of resolutions, right? I stopped making New Year's resolutions regarding eating, exercise and weight because I wouldn't stick to them past January. Instead I seem to go through phases through the year. This past year I was really healthy through the spring and summer- the healthiest I have ever been. My skin was clear, weight loss was effortless and I ate nearly all vegan, and about 90% raw. It was so easy while it was warm. But once fall hit, it got colder, and the holidays rolled around, it didn't come as naturally. I have to work harder to stick to a routine and find my motivation.

So this year, I am going to try resolutions again, but I am fully prepared to go through phases as well. I know now that the warmer months will be easier than the colder months to eat well and exercise. But I do want to get closer to raw veganism. I also want to run more- so far my running is very sporadic.

And as for goals not having to do with my physical health, I want to start preliminary homeschooling. I mean, I already sing, play games, and read to the kids. But I want to work on specific things they might learn in preschool and see how far I can get them when it comes to standards. I know they are still very young (10 months and over 2 years), so I won't be pushing too hard. But it wouldn't hurt to teach them new things, right?

Do you believe in New Years resolutions? What are yours?


  1. I'm not usually into New Year's resolutions for the reasons you mentioned.

    In regards to homeschooling, I TOTALLY believe in it. I'm a former homeschooler myself and I can credit a lot of good things in my life to homeschooling.

    1. Thanks! Still trying to wrap my head around an approach, but for now it's fun!