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Friday, May 11, 2012

Raw, Vegan... Where I stand

Hello everyone! It seems there are readers out there, or at least one. That really means a lot to me, and it is very encouraging, so thank you!

Since I will be helping others to change the way they eat, I feel compelled to detail how I personally eat. After all, I don't want to come across as a hypocrite to potential clients. I am human too, and I have setbacks like anyone else. But with practice, preparation, and positive thinking, it gets easier and easier to get back on the horse.

I am not fully raw, nor fully vegan. Dun, dun, DUN! BUT, I strive to stay raw and vegan throughout the day, until dinner time. This works for me because I am currently a stay at home mom. I am in complete control of my meals, until Chris (the husband :) gets home. Now, I could have a raw vegan dinner every night, and some nights I do. But with two little kids to feed as well, and Chris coming home famished, sometimes it isn't worth the time to make different meals for us all. Toddlers like to assert independence, and my daughter often does this with food. She will decide she hates a food that she seemingly loved the day before. (Thankfully my son is too small for solids yet, and is still breastfeeding, so he eats what I eat and helps to simplify things, haha.) Chris isn't wild about all the food I have learned to make (although he will always try before he claims to dislike it, and there some things he loves.) So, to avoid an overflowing dishwasher, a cranky kid, and an endless "What's for dinner?" conversation, we usually all just eat the same thing. However, it is almost always a dish heavy on the vegetables, light on simple carbohydrates. And sometimes it just happens to be raw and vegan (like a huge salad.)

So, do I eat eggs, seafood, cheese? Occasionally. I would venture to guess it now averages about once a week that I have either eggs, seafood, cheese. And I don't beat myself up about it. It used to be that I had eggs about three times a week, seafood once or twice a week, and cheese EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. (I can't seem to turn myself off to the taste of cheese, for some reason. Eventually.) So to only have one of the three about once a week is not a sin, in my book. And food-associated guilt is not helpful no matter what your health goals are. Food should be enjoyable while also providing nourishing nutrition. I do notice a difference in the way I feel when I have any of the above things- I tend to feel... heavier. More tired, groggy, etc. I have the most energy when I focus on eating as much produce as possible, so I believe that if I continue on this path of eating more of the good stuff, I will leave less and less room for the rest.

What about bread and pasta? I used to CRAVE pasta. Often. I just love it. I can easily eat half a pound (which is about four servings) or more if I let myself. I also love bread- good crusty Italian bread only, though. I still eat both bread and pasta, but not nearly as much. Once I started eating to feed my body REAL LIVE nutrients from raw vegetables and fruit, I stopped having so many cravings. And when I eat pasta or bread now, I make sure it is the really tasty stuff, and I stick to one or two servings.

I completely avoid beef, chicken, pork, etc- it has been that way for the most part for several years.

I haven't had ice cream in over a month. I used to have it about twice a week. We used to get fresh filled cannoli twice a month. It's been two months. It's not that I have a hard time avoiding those things though, I just don't NEED them like I used to. I have found desserts to make at home that don't pack empty calories, and instead provide lots of nutrition. Plus, there is always fresh, ripe fruit (and occasionally super dark chocolate. ;)

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